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Believe in yourself, and we’ll make your dreams come true.


Hello! My name is Jiho, and I’m a self-proclaimed accessory designer.

I make accessories for my friends, such as personal keyrings and friendship rings.
I’ve been enjoying making things by hand ever since I was in elementary school. I’ve done a lot of origami and beading, and I’ve been into resin crafts for about two years now. I’m a self-taught artist, I studied on my own by taking online classes every weekend.
I have a couple of tools at home that I use, but I don’t have a studio. I’m also working full-time as an accountant, and even though my work is kinda fun, I’d like to challenge myself and my talents, if only I had fans who’d recognize my work.

However, there’s a wall between what I like to do and what I have to do, and that wall can’t be broken down by passion alone.

Could I be recognized by people as an accessory designer?

Is it really possible to have my own brand?

Once every three months, we select three creators who match the VRS standards. 
Through the mentoring program of VRS.class, you will receive coaching on the skills you need for each process of becoming a professional creator.
Opportunity #1:
The selected VRS Creators will have the chance to communicate with potential fans via 
Opportunity #2:
The creators will have the opportunity to meet their fans directly at (G.street 101, operated by 101Global at the Galleria Department Store), to introduce their brands and promote their products. 
Opportunity #3:
The creators can meet their fans through one more time, in order to communicate with them and sell their products.
We will continue to support our creators until their content expands and becomes their own brand.


All the data that’s acquired throughout the course is provided in a transparent way, in order to contribute to the creator’s growth.


After completing the three-month-long VRS course, you’ll become a professional creator with your own brand, products and track records.

VRS, where the vast diversity of talents and creative stories can be realized, is recruiting its 1st generation of creators from September 2019!


101Global, creating the VRS Universe

101Global is focusing on the Millennial generation, an incredible driving force of modern times. Since 2016, we’ve cultivated more than 170 creators in the fashion industry by successfully accelerating aspiring K-fashion designers. During this process, we realized that modern Millennials lack adequate opportunities to make their dreams come true.

“There are so many talented Millennials! If only we could increase the value of Millennials' lives in a more diverse way, and in a new direction!”


Launched in 2019, our first digital platform, VRS, is a world where authentic creators can interact with Millennials supporting them and the way they’re achieving their dreams.


Please look forward to the unlimited stories of 101Global, driven by the philosophy of By Millennials, For Millennials, and Of Millennials.

​The people behind VRS.


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